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This dataset contains approximately 1 PB of single-pulse observations of the Vela pulsar (J0835-4510). The data was collected mainly from the Mt Pleasant 26 metre radio telescope, but also includes some data from the Ceduna 30 metre radio telescope. The date range is from 2007 to present, however observations were sporadic prior to 2013. The data has been folded using DSPSR with (in most cases) 16 frequency channels, 8192 timing bins, and includes full Stokes (uncalibrated). The centre frequency is mostly 1376 MHz and a bandwidth of 64 MHz. There are approximately 800 million single pulses from Vela observed at Mt Pleasant alone. The single pulse observation of the 2016 Vela glitch that was published in Nature is included in this dataset. Access to this data collection is by request to the owner via the contact email address above, or via

2007 to present

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Palfreyman, J (2021) Data from: Vela Pulsar Single Pulse Data Archive.
10.25959/r71j-w968 (DataCite reference)
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