Clements Compendium: PDF database of attacks on and by Aborigines in southeast Tasmania

Nicholas Clements (0000-0003-0261-7779)

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Compendiums of all known violent incidents that occurred on the southeast Tasmanian frontier compiled by Nicholas Clements to accompany the book 'Tongerlongeter: First Nations Leader and Tasmanian War Hero', co-authored with Henry Reynolds (NewSouth, 2021). There are three PDF files: 1. Compendium of violent against colonists in Oyster Bay & Big River territories, 1823-1831 2. Compendium of violent acts against Aborigines in Oyster Bay and Big River territories, 1804-1831 3. A document containing the protocols and sources for the two compendiums


See 'References and Protocols' document

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Clements, N (2021) Data from: Clements Compendium: PDF database of attacks on and by Aborigines in southeast Tasmania.
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