Compiled Geochemical data from the Northparkes porphyry district (1990-2019)

Tristan Wells (0000-0001-5229-4619)
Sebastien Meffre (0000-0003-2741-6076)


Porphyry Magmatic fertility Macquarie Arc Northparkes

Whole rock geochemical data pertaining to the Australian Journal of Earth Sciences publication "Porphyry Fertility in the Northparkes district: Indicators from whole-rock geochemistry". These data include the data source, unique sample ID, sample type and location in 3 dimensions (where applicable) as well as major and trace element geochemistry from the Ordovician intrusive rocks in the Northparkes district. The ratios used in the magmatic fertility study are included in these data. Samples were collected from the Northparkes core library and from the broader district. All geochemical analyses were performed by ALS Brisbane. Data generated by this study were compiled with data from numerous thesis and publications in order to provide a robust data set. Two data files (.xslx) in this set include the Northparkes geochemical data and a selected compilation of Zirconium and Yttrium geochemical data from fertile and barren intrusive suites across the globe.

Vertical Range (depth): 0860m

Ordovician to Devonian

370301 Exploration geochemistry
250302 Copper ore exploration

Data Access

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Wells, T, Meffre, S (2019) Data from: Compiled Geochemical data from the Northparkes porphyry district (1990-2019).
10.25959/5e151af6449b0 (DataCite reference)
Tristan Wells (0000-0001-5229-4619)